About Brian

Brian Ruedy was born July 24 in Orange County CA.  He is the youngest in his family.  Music has always been a part of his life.  His mother was a major influence in his life and she was a piano teacher and organist at church.  Brian began to play piano at the age of 9.   As a child he also sang, played acoustic guitar and drums.  In 6th grade his mom bought him a 6 string acoustic guitar and in 8th grade she bought him a drum set.  All along he played the piano too.  However, once he got his hands on a synthesizer in his early teenage years, he knew he was hooked and keyboards were it.  Brian is a natural talent and plays by ear.  His playing, programming and sound recreation is astounding. Those elements coupled with his vocal skills and ability to perform multifaceted functions on the keyboard with one hand simultaneously puts him in a league of his own.

Brian has worked in a succession of original bands and tribute bands through the years, including most recently Bret Michaels of Poison and Brian “Head” Welch formerly of KoRn.  Brian recently reconnected with Doug Aldrich which led to him becoming involved with Whitesnake.

When Brian isn’t touring, he loves spending time with his wife and two children. Besides playing music, Brian enjoys traveling, drag racing, fishing, camping, golfing and spending time at the beach.



Jon Lord of Deep Purple.  “There is nothing like an overdriven Hammond B3 and his lead style is incredible.  Never heard anyone play like he did.”

Rick Wakeman of Yes:  “I love his ability to play multiple keyboards at once.  He had amazing sounds and put on quite a show.”

Keith Emerson of ELP:  “He’s the only guy I know that played the Hammond B3 backwards and stabbed it with knives.  He was also one of the guys that introduced the mini moog synthesizer.”